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Innovated Holdings is dedicated to helping mutual insurers succeed in a competitive and rapidly changing industry. By offering economy of scale and buying power, while allowing companies to retain their unique identities, Innovated Holdings can help partner companies remain competitive and provide top-notch services to their affiliates.

In addition to offering access to expertise in areas such as marketing, accounting, product analysis, and technology, IH places a strong emphasis on making sound financial decisions. With a commitment to success, Innovated Holdings is poised to continue blazing new trails for all current and future companies under its umbrella for years to come.



CNI_Stacked _Logo_Color_Wht_Insurance

A Stock Insurance Company, Founded in 1997

Founded in 1997 as a stock company, CNI has been providing auto insurance for over 20 years. In 2019, CNI became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innovated Holdings. CFM has brought innovation to CNI’s experienced underwriting and sales teams to provide the best homeowner policy line for CNI’s insureds to package with their auto insurance.


CFM Insurance Agency

CFM Insurance Agency is an affiliated company of Innovated Holdings, Inc. that serves as a valuable resource for our affiliates and agents in providing access to outside companies and lines of business. Through CFM Insurance Agency, we offer our partners diverse insurance solutions tailored to meet their unique needs and goals.

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InsuranceNow Policyholder App Solution

A turn-key mobile solution for your InsuranceNow solution. Tuerri manages the complexities of integrations and annual iOS and Android updates while delivering a roadmap of new features to continuously improve value.

FullCircle Marketing_Color_WHMarketing

Mutual Insurance Companies' Marketing Partner

Full Circle Marketing was created to help insurance professionals build brand strength and value, establish trust with their communities, and grow revenue through effective marketing strategies.  A partnership is created between insurance companies throughout the country and Full Circle Marketing to become an extension of their team so that their employees can focus on what they do best.

Full Circle Analytics_Logo_WHAnalytics

Insurance Analyst Company For Data-Driven Decision Making

Full Circle Advisors is an internal insurance advisory company that will provide objective advice, training, and information to control financial risk exposures better.

Full Circle Advisors_Logo_WHAdivisors

Insurance Financial Advisors

Full Circle Advisors is an internal insurance advisory company that will provide objective advice, training, and information to control financial risk exposures better.


IH Partners


Missouri-Exclusive Mutual Insurance Company

CFM Insurance is a Missouri-exclusive mutual insurance company with a long history of protecting properties since 1869. With an extensive network of over 900 agents across Missouri, CFM has over 30,000 policyholders and $8 billion of insurance in force. The company's focus on technology, coupled with the expertise of its expert industry leaders, has made CFM a top choice for customers in the Missouri market. CFM is committed to preserving its history, building solid relationships with its policyholders, agents, and community leaders, and giving back to the communities and causes that built it so many years ago.

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IH Affiliate since 2019

Chartered in the year 1877, Forreston Mutual Insurance Company is a well-established Illinois mutual that provides insurance protection for homes and farms in the state of Illinois. Forreston's flexible product offerings and exemplary service allow them to accommodate customers who may find it difficult to obtain affordable protection with other insurance carriers. 

Strength In Numbers

Joining Forces With Like-Minded Mutuals

Our goal has always been to deliver on our promise of protection, and we believe that these partnerships will help us achieve that goal in an even more comprehensive way. We are excited to continue serving our communities and building strength with other like-minded mutuals in the years to come.