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Innovated Holdings is a non-insurance holding company that partners with smaller insurers to provide them with the economy of scale and buying power while allowing them to retain their own identity. By leveraging our expertise in areas such as claim service, software and systems, product and pricing, accounting, payroll, reinsurance, underwriting, legal, marketing, and sales, we help our partner companies to thrive and succeed.


Innovated Holdings' subsidiaries offer a wide range of services to partner companies, including marketing, accounting, product analysis, and technology services. By providing expertise in these areas, Innovated Holdings is able to help its partner companies operate more efficiently, remain competitive, and continue to provide top-notch services to their clients.


Innovated Holdings has made significant advancements, including facilitating mutual mergers, and successfully bringing on affiliates. By leveraging their expertise in various areas, Innovated Holdings has helped these companies to thrive and grow, while retaining their unique identities.


Innovated Holdings has a family of companies that fall under its umbrella, including Cornerstone National Insurance. These divisions have access to the expertise of Innovated Holdings in various areas to ensure lasting profitability and growth in the ever-changing insurance industry.


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