Combining Forces for Growth

Innovated Holdings aims to maintain the identity and reputation of the Missouri mutual by keeping its presence in the community and providing exceptional service to its loyal policyholders. Combining forces with other mutual insurance companies can also reduce overhead costs, enhance efficiency, and boost profitability. Mergers create a more resilient and robust entity that can withstand economic challenges and changes in the insurance industry, positioning the companies for growth and competitiveness in the marketplace. Mutual mergers are a strategic approach that Innovated Holdings and its partners can take to strengthen and grow their businesses while staying true to their shared values and commitment to their policyholders.

Our Mutual Mergers


Central Mutual Insurance
Concordia Farmers Mutual Insurance

Concordia Farmers Mutual and Central Mutual Insurance Company merge into CFM Insurance, Inc., ranking CFM in the top three of the largest farm mutual insurance companies in the state of Missouri. With this merger, CFM Insurance, Inc. gained access to a larger pool of resources and expertise from both companies, which helped increase its business capacity and the potential for technological advances. Additionally, the merger resulted in a stronger financial position for the newly formed company, allowing it to offer its policyholders better and more competitive products and services. Overall, the merger brought many benefits and opportunities for the company, ensuring its continued success for many years.



With deep roots in the insurance industry, both CFM and FMIC of Grundy County had a long history of providing quality coverage to policyholders. FMIC of Grundy County had been in operation since 1895, while CFM had been serving the insurance needs of Missouri since 1869. In 2016, the two mutual insurance companies merged, creating one of the strongest and oldest mutual legacies in the state of Missouri. The combined strength of the two companies allowed them to better weather economic challenges and changes in the insurance industry.




For over a century, Farmers Mutual of Benton County had earned a reputation for providing reliable insurance services to its customers. However, the company's board of directors recognized the need to adapt to the changing landscape of the insurance industry and decided to merge with CFM Insurance, Inc. On January 1, 2019, the two companies entered into a management agreement that laid the groundwork for a full merger. The merger provided several benefits for Farmers Mutual of Benton County's policyholders, including expanded coverage options, access to CFM's advanced technology and expertise, and greater financial stability. The merger also helped to position the united companies as a formidable force in the Missouri insurance market, with a shared legacy of over 200 years of combined experience.



The decision to merge with CFM Insurance was a strategic one that would ensure the longevity of Meramec Valley and enhance the quality of services provided to policyholders. As a result of this merger, Meramec Valley is now part of a larger and more experienced team, enabling the company to expand its reach and provide better coverage to its policyholders. The Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance's approval of the merger on December 31, 2022, was a significant milestone reinforcing the strength of the partnership between the two companies. By joining forces, CFM and Meramec Valley have brought together their expertise, resources, and technology to create a more robust and competitive organization capable of meeting the evolving needs of policyholders. This merger represents a new chapter for both companies and a commitment to continue delivering exceptional service to their policyholders for many years to come.



Lewis County Mutual Insurance

The merger between Lewis County Mutual and CFM Insurance was founded on shared values and a mutual commitment to providing reliable protection and support to policyholders. The leadership team at Lewis County Mutual understood that the merger with CFM would bring numerous advantages to their employees and policyholders. The merger also expanded the mutual's capacity for business, allowing it to better serve existing policyholders and attract new ones. By leveraging each other's strengths, Lewis County Mutual and CFM created a powerful entity that could withstand economic challenges and changes in the insurance industry. Together, they remain committed to delivering exceptional service and protection for years to come.

Looking Towards The Future

Building Stronger Mutual Insurance Companies for Missouri Communities

As a leader in the Missouri mutual insurance industry, CFM Insurance remains committed to serving its policyholders and communities. With a proven track record of successful mergers and acquisitions, CFM Insurance is actively seeking out opportunities to partner with like-minded mutual insurance companies in the state. By joining forces, these companies can leverage each other's strengths to provide even better protection and service to policyholders. As CFM Insurance continues to grow and expand, it remains dedicated to preserving the legacy and reputation of its partner companies and maintaining a strong presence in the communities it serves.