Building Strong Partnerships 

For Mutual Success

Innovated Holdings recognizes the importance of creating a solid support system through partnerships. By bringing together industry experts and innovative solutions, we can offer our partners a comprehensive and effective approach to managing risk and securing financial stability. Our focus on building long-term relationships with our partners allows us to work collaboratively towards shared goals, whether improving our products and services or expanding our reach in the insurance industry. Innovated Holdings is proud to have three strong and reputable partners, CFM Insurance, Forreston Mutual Insurance, and Oakwood Mutual, who contributed to our continued growth and success. By joining forces and leveraging each other's strengths, we can create a stronger, more resilient network that benefits everyone involved.

CFM Insurance

In 2019, CFM Insurance made a significant impact on the insurance industry by forming Innovated Holdings to acquire a chapter 379 stock company, resulting in CNI becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innovated Holdings. Despite encountering multiple challenges, CFM's forward-thinking approach enabled it to take on a stock insurance company that operates in a different market and product line. The Executive Team recognized the potential of CNI's book of business and employee family and believed they could achieve success by adopting the same message and business model that has proven successful for CFM for generations. Through persistence and determination, CFM successfully closed the final chapter for CNI and embarked on a new journey of progression under the Innovated Holdings umbrella.


The strategic partnership between Innovated Holdings and Forreston Mutual Insurance has been highly successful. The management teams of both companies have collaborated to provide section 2 liability coverage to every Forreston insured. In 2021, CNI released a new homeowner product to complement Forreston Mutual's existing homeowner line of business, along with the auto and umbrella package. This range of products has provided both companies with the opportunity to offer their agents a diverse range of policy and package options, catering to their insureds' unique needs. The partnership has also allowed Forreston Mutual to leverage Innovated Holdings' marketing and distribution channels, which has helped increase its reach and expand its customer base. By combining their strengths and resources, Innovated Holdings and Forreston Mutual have created a powerful alliance that is poised to shape the future of the Illinois market.


The partnership between Innovated Holdings and Oakwood Mutual has enabled Oakwood Mutual to expand its product offerings to include policies for auto and personal liability in addition to its existing coverage options. By leveraging Innovated Holdings' state-of-the-art quoting system, Oakwood Mutual has streamlined its operations and provided faster, more accurate quotes to customers. This has allowed Oakwood Mutual to compete better in the market and attract new customers while also providing better service to its existing policyholders. Overall, the partnership has been mutually beneficial, enabling Innovated Holdings and Oakwood Mutual to grow and thrive in the competitive Indiana markets.