Innovated Holdings, INC.


Our Story: The Art of Successfully Reinventing a Stock Company in a Mutual Way

01. Strategy

The Executive Team formally organized Innovated Holdings, Inc. on February 7, 2019, with considerable intent and purpose:

02. Purpose

To offer a parachute to one company who had been catapulted into a downward free fall, and to gift another the chance at providing a bundled product package it hadn’t yet been able to deliver.

03. success

By capitalizing on the solid foundation layered with traditional values and conservative business principles that CFM Insurance provided, Innovated Holdings was formed to rescue and reinvent Cornerstone National Insurance with the same guiding fundamentals.



The Numbers Don’t Lie

CNI Claims Reductions

As part of the subsequent review of claims operations, a comprehensive audit of open and litigated claims was conducted for both writing companies.

As a result of this beneficial audit, CNI reserves on open bodily injury (BI) claims were reduced by approximately 28%. The non-litigated BI claim count was reduced by approximately 33%, with the litigated claim count reduced by 30%.






open claims



The Numbers Don’t Lie

CFM Claims Reductions

CFM claims were also audited as part of this review. The process resulted in a 45% reduction in open claims and a 35% reduction in open reserves. Claims were reviewed individually, which resulted in an increase in certain claim reserves, based on factors including closure strategy and defense budgeting. 

Executive Team

A Team Of Professionals


President, Chief Executive Officer

Bob Gass

Executive Vice-President, Chief of Staff

Brooke Wilkens

Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Scott Forrest

General Counsel

Denny Lowry

Chief Financial Officer


History-Making Moment

While it wasn’t without several challenges, CFM Insurance made history in the insurance industry as the first-ever chapter 380 mutual insurance company to acquire a chapter 379 stock company. On March 1, 2019, CNI became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innovated Holdings. Innovated Holdings, a CFM subsidiary.

As a once small, modest Mutual, CFM proved what its newfound futuristic mindset was truly made of by taking on a stock insurance company comprised of a completely different product line and market than its own.

It’s never easy navigating through unchartered waters. Still, the Executive Team saw potential in the CNI book of business, employee family, and promising future if it could adopt the same message and business model as CFM. Thus, they willingly jumped through as many hoops as necessary to close a doomed final chapter for CNI and begin writing a whole new book under the Innovated Holdings umbrella. The main character? Progression.