The Innovated Holdings Business Journey

It would be hard to talk about our vision of the future without introducing you to our past. Having built our business model with transparency, we can’t paint this ideal picture of a hurdle-free journey for the inception and development of Innovated Holdings. Our story is, however, one of many successes.

The truth is, each of us measures success a little differently. But, we can certainly all agree that no matter how you define it, you know the presence of success by this undeniable feeling you get when all those meticulously thought-out goals begin manifesting, one after another, right before your eyes. That feeling – those hurdles cleared time and time again – is the driving force behind the unmistakable momentum our Executive Team has carefully and strategically created for this family of companies. And we’re just getting started.

CFM Insurance

CFM benefits from a great network of agents that includes nearly 200 agencies and more than 600 producers, with a presence in every county in the state of Missouri. The company protects more than 23,000 policyholders across the state of Missouri. By placing a strong focus on modern technology, CFM has worked to streamline the insurance experience for policyholders and agents.

Cornerstone National Insurance

The Cornerstone network of experienced, independent agents delivers the highest level of customer service to policyholders. Every customer of Cornerstone National Insurance is guaranteed to receive prompt, personal attention from our staff, agents and adjusters.

Our Core States

During the acquisition of Cornerstone National Insurance, our Executive team took a long look at where we wanted to build business outside the state of Missouri.  Sticking with the Midwest was a key factor.  Along with the extensive data from the years that CNI serviced the surrounding states, those that fit the bill were Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Ohio and Oklahoma.

 A key factor to the success of CFM Insurance is our mutual mindset of supporting our agents as small business owners and providing them ease of doing business.  

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